From its inception, Knowles Enterprises has focused on the strict adherence to safety. Safety is a large part of accountability and ranks among our top priorities.
Knowles Enterprises knows that our success is dependent on the safety of our employees. We assure their safety by complying with all regulatory requirements, proper training and drug testing, weekly meetings, and by closely monitoring that our employees operate in a safe manner and go beyond the established safety standards.

Knowles Transportation Safety


Received ‘Contractor Safety Excellence Award’ from Marathon Petroleum Co.

Knowles relies strictly on its highly trained and qualified company drivers and never hires third party operators or subcontractors. With a certified PEC instructor onsite, we can train new drivers in-house and provide on-going training seminars for our employees.
Our exclusive fleet of trucks and trailers haul products that require careful handling, sensitive temperature control, critical delivery timing, and crucial safety precautions. In-house maintenance facilities and a staff of experienced mechanics keep fleet resources in top operating condition that we can closely monitor.


We aim for no accidents, no harm to people and no harm to the environment. Knowles Enterprises achieves these goals by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and implementing responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist.
We make continuous efforts to prevent pollution and improve environmental performance through all of our activities and through appropriate operating procedures and training.
We utilize technology to its fullest by equipping 100% of our tanks with SpillStop. Not only does this address environmental factors, but safety and efficiency too. SpillStop sounds off an alert when the tank is at 90% fill capacity & shuts off the fill point once oil reaches 95% of the tank volume.